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Bridal Beauty Boutique Atlanta

Bring Your Beauty to the Surface!

Airbrush By Mason: Parent Company

What Our Clients Say

At The Bridal Beauty Boutique, your satisfaction is our priority. Our mobile business caters to clients in Atlanta, Georgia and any location within 2-3 hours. Find out what people think of our services by reading the client testimonials below.

Mason is the most amazing artist I have ever met. I am doing a TV show and without batting an eye when the show was falling apart in terms of direction, in stepped Mason and the next thing I know we are back on schedule the shots look amazing everyone is where they need to be and we finished a whole day early. I only hired him for hair and makeup and the person I hired for direction didn't know anything. I never have been so floored at how much talent one person can have. This man even sang our theme song to get everyone excited about the shoot for the day. Mason, your talents are being wasted being in the background. You belong in front of the camera. You ARE ENTERTAINMENT!

- Scarlett

I can't believe they actually come to me! That is amazing! It made 50% of my stress just disappear.

- Sara Kirkpatrick

Ok, I just found out the Mason is back in Atlanta. He has been gone since 2015. He was being a Cruise Director for one of the biggest cruising lines out there. From what I understand he was the best of the best in the business. I have read 100's of posts about him and how much fun he was. I am so glad he is back in the ATL cause I have been waiting to get married until he came back. WELCOME HOME MASON! WE LOVE YOU AND MISSED YOU!

- Daisy

I know Mr. Mason is not allowed to post that he plans this event for GT, but I will write a review about it. I am a Georgia Tech student and I took a design class that is accompanied by a very, very large expo at the end of it. Mason is the Event Coordinator for this expo and I have never seen anything like it. The logistics alone have to be a nightmare and he does it every semester without a second thought. He plans everything down to the second and keeps things running without fail. He is an amazing person and having to coordinate 1200 students and 6,000 guests, while greeting and taking VIP's around, my brain would explode. Amazing job can't believe he does this twice a year. I wish I was half as talented.

- GT Student

Yes, Sir its me being Miley. I love Mason. Always gave me the best looks ever on my show and is just an awesome dude. I miss him and always had a lot of wisdom for me. LOVE YOU MACIE BOY>

- Being Miley

I am a set director for several films and TV shows in Atlanta, and I have to say working with Mason has been an absolute pleasure. Talented, fast, professional, funny, and stress free. I cannot find these qualities in many makeup artists. He takes direction very well and can even take very little direction and still make it just as I imagined it. Excellent work and I hate he is not union and I understand why but still hate it cause it keeps me from hiring him every time. Get in the union Mason and you can quit working for everyone else. :)

- Set Director

Mason and Brooke are an amazing team. They complement each other’s ideas and it is creepy, because most of the time they don't even speak their ideas they just do it. It was amazing to watch them work. They are going to be my choice for my wedding without question. Worth the price believe me.

- Samantha F.

I have worked in the industry for over 20 years and I have never seen a more dedicated and talented individual in my career. Mason has vision of how things should look and at times you don't understand where he is coming from or what he is doing but when he steps back it is just amazing. I love his assistant Brooke she is up and coming as well and she has picked and excellent teacher.

- Tabatha

I was at the Sing For Your Life Competition and it was a wonderful experience and I got to meet the makeup artist and I have to say he was absolutely amazing. Probably the most talent I have seen in all my years in the industry. I plan to use him very soon.

- Musician

I saw your work at the Sing For Your Life competition at Jungle and it is stunning! I wish I could hire you to do my makeup everyday. I have seen some of the contestants out of makeup and then in it and all I can say is it’s just amazing what you can do. True Artist.

- Cindy

Mason is AMAZING! I went to this competition thing here in Atlanta he told me about and mostly to see his work. It was awesome. I don't know how he did it but he got 10 girls makeup on in 3 hours. I was so impressed I have started bring groups of 10 and 15 people each week. He has to come up with their looks when they sit down in the chair before they go on stage. He has no idea before hand. AMAZING! I want him to do my makeup everyday for me. Love you Mason you rock.

- Shade

Mason did my cousin’s wedding this past month and it was AMAZING! She looked amazing, her entire wedding party did. He made sure no one upstaged the bride and he stuck with her the entire wedding. It was just simply amazing the level of service he provided and he knew more than the planner we hired to handle things that kept asking us questions on how to do things and upsetting the bride. He just stepped in and handled it. Mason you are a gem and I don't think this form can handle all the great things I have to say about you. To any of you brides looking for someone to have anything to do with your wedding you have got to speak to Mason 1st or you will be lead a stray. BEST WEDDING VENDOR IN ATLANTA PERIOD!

- Jenny

I don't think I can ever say more about Mason. He came overseas to do my wedding. It was actually nice to see him back home in England and he was like a celebrity. Everyone was asking for his autograph and pictures it was awesome, but when it came time for attention on me there was. I felt like I was hanging out with a movie star. Guards keeping people away traveling around the countryside and then my wedding day. OH MY GOD! I felt and looked like a princess and I cannot thank Mason enough. Mason, you need to charge way way more than you do, because you are truly worth it. Thank you so much for the best and most remember-able day of my life.

- Raquelle

Best Makeup guy in the business! I have never looked so good in my life. I wanted natural looking, I got it, I wanted great service, I got excellent service, I wanted him to do what I wanted, I got it and then some. Mason is an absolute PRINCE, well DUKE, but all the same. I cannot wait till I work with him again.

- Michelle

I went to a wedding this past weekend in Charleston and the tea plantation and it was beautiful. The wedding planner they hired was horrible but the makeup artist company Airbrush by Mason and the photographer Doug, took over and fixed everything. The bride was on the verge of tears and Mason, Brooke, and Doug just stepped in and said we will take care of it and it was amazing. I know I heard the bride say several time she wish she would have just haired Mason (airbrush by mason) to do the whole thing. I am getting married in April of next year and I will make sure that everything is handled by him. It was amazing how he just picked up and just made it happen with zero information. LOVE HIM!

- Stacey

I have an upcoming wedding and everyone has said that I need to speak to Mason and I broke down after going to salon after salon and just not having what I wanted for my wedding. I spent 20 minutes with Mason and he knew exactly what I needed and I feel like a weight has been lifted off from all the planning. I looked amazing and pictures for my wedding where done before the wedding date and it was just perfect there is no other way to describe it. Thank you Mason you are a true artist.

- Fraincois

We sent some of our people to Mason to get their hair and makeup done for an upcoming party. Now this was a little different type of makeup and hair we needed. We need everyone to look like "Zombies". Can I just say AMAZING ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! They all looked so real and I don't know what he used but people had skin falling off of them and open wounds and blood dripping and he even made it when the touched something it left blood and dirt behind..It was so gross yet perfect. It was above and beyond what we needed. I can't wait or the pictures to come back. I am going to make sure Mason is used for every event. Thanks Man you are the BOMB. John

- Party Planners of Georgia

I had Mason do my hair and makeup for a magazine shoot and I was the bomb. Everyone came up to me and wanted to know where I got my hair done and who does my makeup. I have never had anyone say they are jealous of my eye lashes because I don't have good ones or even long ones but Mason put fake ones on me that where seamless. I couldn't even see the lines they just became a part of mine. I felt like a million bucks. This guy is going on tour with me. Thanks Mason you are the BOMB. No one can touch what you do for people.

- Sadiqua

I have makeup artists that work with me on a regular basis and they are all MAC makeup artist and that's fine for my high fashion shoots but I decided to give Mason a call and I had no idea what I was in for. I had never seen the airbrush done other than for FX stuff and I was speechless. I had no suggestions, comments, or redoes of any kind. It was absolutely FLAWLESS. I didn't edit one picture with smoothing the skin out or matching skin tones, he took care of all of it. Worth every penny and I didn't have any attitude from him, he was actually a lot of fun and the models loved him. I would love to have a guy like this on set all the time. Thanks Mason! You’re exactly what the industry needs.

- Kennedy Photography

I have never had airbrush makeup done before and let me tell you I was very unsure of this whole process. I would have to say after 10 minutes with Mason I would have given him my 1st born. He really knows how to relax you and he answers every question you toss at him. I was very impressed with his level of professionalism and the price was perfect. I learned so much at the same time. I am using him for every event I go to. Thank you Mason you are a true artist.

- Bethany

I was never one for using airbrush makeup until I met Mason. I would say I was not to fond of it for one second, but when I met Mason and he answered about a million questions I had, I really felt different about it. He took the time to explain every step, what he was doing, why he was doing it and he even gave me a mirror to watch everything he did as he did it. I will admit ladies, I am not one to say I am wrong, but I WAS WAY WRONG! Mason has so much talent and he can see in a person what they don't see and he really brings it to the surface. My wedding stressed me out but the day of I was so calm because of Mason and his team of people. I don't think I can say enough to express how grateful I am. I will keep coming to Mason and sending people his way. I would say using Mason and his team of pro's has been the best experiences. Thank you Mason! You are an amazing person and I cannot thank you enough for just being great at your job.

- Kassandra

I was walking downtown Atlanta about a week ago and saw a photoshoot taking place on the street and I stopped to ask a young lady what was going on. It was a photoshoot that she was having done for a movie and the photoshoot was about the main character. I was looking at the hair and makeup that had been done and it was amazing and then I found out the photographer was from Haute Coture Media Group and about fell out. Mason was the makeup and hair guy and I have to say I don't think I have heard a photographer give so many complements to the makeup and hair person. I am going to be using Airbrush by Mason for my wedding without a doubt and for my headshots. There is obviously no one more qualified.

- Karrie

Mason did my engagement photos as a free trial for me to see what his work was like and I have to say I was completely amazed. When he was finished I did not recognize myself, but totally in a good way. My pictures turn out so good and the photographer kept asking me for Mason's information because Mason made his job so easy. He actually said Mason's makeup job took about 15 hours out of his editing time. If you don't use Mason for you special event, whatever it is you are going to just hate yourself.

- Whitney Brown

Mason did my hair and makeup this past weekend for my engagement photos in Charleston. I was a little weary of doing airbrushing as I had never done it before but Mason put me at ease and was so fun to work with! He is the best! He makes you feel totally comfortable, helps the time pass quickly and has a lot of experience. Also makeup lasted all day! I had my hair and makeup done in Atlanta and we drove to Charleston that same day. So 5 hours in the car + 3 hours of photos. I felt so pretty! Looking forward to working with him on my wedding day and having not only myself but all of the bridesmaids and mothers glammed up! Great job Mason!!!

- Jenny Fox

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I mean this from the bottom of my heart. It was a pleasure meeting you over the phone and I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. I think you a very sweet person and your personality is to die for. Everything you told me will never leave me and I will always remember as I just wrote in my journal, the people who took the time out to help and inform me. Thanks Mason, and I wish you much success. You are one of the pieces to complete my puzzle and when you hear about SYB Events, LLC. Just remember you were a part of my success. Thanks again!

- Shankita

I got married about 2 months ago and Mason did my hair and makeup and I have to say at first I wasn't liking where we were going the hair but once he had my makeup on and I was in my dress, it couldn't have been more perfect. He had listed to me so well he did my hair to fit the style of my dress and I couldn't believe how well it came out. I looked like a million dollars. Thank you so much Mason, you are a true artist.

- Doniesha

Mason did my sister’s wedding and he had another young lady doing a wedding elsewhere at the same time. All I can say is what a team and what an artist he is. I love my sister but I have never seen her look so amazing. Thank you Mason! You made her feel like a queen. I will see you this Sept. for my wedding.

- Sandy

My daughter Stacie got married on April 16. Mason did the hair and makeup for her and bridesmaids, MOB, MOG and Grandmother of the bride. Let me say he did an amazing job on everyone. He was there for everything and was always touching up. He also went above and beyond just being the hair and makeup guy. He carried around the train of the big heavy dress and was a great help with everything. I would highly recommend him to any bride or for any event. I don't know what we would have done without Mason. He was just absolutely AMAZING!!!

- Sheila

I just have to say "YOU ARE AMAZING!" You made my sister look like a princess just like she has wanted since she was 12. I can’t tell you how much fun we had with you and the wedding was fun because you just took all the stress away. Thank you so much and I will be calling you for my wedding.

- Stacy

I attended a wedding this past weekend and got the card of the gentlemen doing the hair and makeup. His name was "Mason" and I have to say he was the most professional vendor for a wedding I have ever met. He took charge of the wedding for the bride when he wasn't even hired to, because the bride had no wedding coordinator, and he just turned what started out as a typical wedding and turned it into an event which is what i know the bride really wanted. He was just amazing that's all you can really say "AMAZING".

- Lisa

My cousin got married this past weekend and I would have to say it was the best wedding I have ever attended. Her hair and makeup guy "Mason" was amazing. My cousin couldn't spring for a wedding coordinator so Mason stepped in and started answering questions for the caterers, flowers, DJ, etc. He kept everything together and made it just absolutely wonderful. I am getting married in 4 months and I have already hired him for everything. You are amazing! Jenny P.

- Jenny

"I would like to thank the staff at Airbrush by Mason for a wonderful and professional working environment they created at the IMTA convention. We hired Mason and his team to work with our celebrities that had attended the convention in the past and had made their mark in the world. I was very please when I was approached by Eva Langoria, Fergie and Carrie Underwood and they said that Mason was an amazing artist and that they would love to have him as their personal stylist all the time. We love to have our invited celebrities give us feed back on how well our vendors that we hire for these events are doing. We like to feel that we make great choices in our selection process. We are proud to say that Airbrush by Mason will be our top preferred makeup and hair artist for future events."

- Tasha Green

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