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Day of Coordination

Posted on January 8, 2018 at 3:25 PM

Day of Coordination!  Lets talk about this for a second.  During our years of operation we have had many Brides say they don't need a day of coordinator.  "The Venue has one"....LIES!  The venue as a coordintor for their stuff, not yours.  They don't care if you other vendors get paid or what time you are supposed to cut the cake,or how long you are going to have a DJ.  They are their for the VENUE ONLY!.  

A Day of Coordinator will make sure that everything is scheduled down to the second and if anything goes wrong out of that schedule you, as the Bride, will never know it was wrong.  They make sure your vendors are paid when they should be, that the cake is cut when it is suppose to be, keep relatives away from you when they get to typsy, pumps up the crowd and does line dances with them, and makes sure you and your new husband have your marriage lic, the rings, and the flower girl doesn't throw all the flower pendals in the toilet.  

They are the Best Friend your never going to have "WHY"?  Because you should never hire a best friend to have anything to do with your wedding.  That way if they screw up your still friends.  With a paid professional they don't have to worry about seeing you next week for coffee or a cousin Barbara's Birthday Party.  With a paid professional everything is under control and your specification are met without question.  :)  

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