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Bridal Beauty Boutique Atlanta

Bring Your Beauty to the Surface!

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At The Bridal Beauty Boutique, we are passionate about helping you make your wedding an incredible event that you can look back on fondly. We offer mobile hair and makeup services to clients in and within 2-3 hours of Atlanta, Georgia. Read our blog to learn different ways to make your special day the best it can be.

Unique and Trendy Bridal Gifts!

Brooke Boxberger: Posted on Sunday, December 27, 2015 12:32 PM

Customize and personalize wine glasses, champagne flutes, stemless glassware and more to create the perfect gift and addition to your special day! Drink in 3D by Britoni B is the only unique gift to spoil your bridal party and yourself! Choose from a wide variety of themes other than bridal with many styles of glassware!

Bridal Shower Discount Code

Brooke Boxberger: Posted on Sunday, December 20, 2015 9:37 PM

Discount code for tickets to the Georgia Bridal Show on January 3rd, 2016!! Come see us as The Beauty Bridal Boutique debuts with the best in the industry!

Tis the season for booking your date with us PLUS take advantage of all the show promos, deals, and giveaways!!!

How to Give Your Skin a Winter Glow!

BrookeLyn: Posted on Sunday, November 29, 2015 5:06 PM

Just because the leaves are gone, the snow is falling and your lips are chapped, does not mean your skin has to look its own winter dullness on your big day. Winter brides,airbrushcan dowonders BUT you can also do these 3 things to umpp your glow during dry winter seasons!

1. Drink lots of higher PH Water!! Have you ever thought about the PH level of your water? Since your body stays around a PH of 7, then you want to drink water that is equal or higher than 7 to boost your immune system and really hydrate your body during these cold months! Look for bottled water such as Smartwater, Essential, and even deer park! Hydration is the key to less blemishes and fresher looking skin!

2. Eat colorful food! Yes, you may be watching what you eat around the actual holiday, but keep the sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and vegetables abundant! The more vitamin C, B and fiber you can consume will only do your body good! Stick to the outside of your grocery store 90% of your trips and only go into the isles for your baking days of stuffing, casseroles and pies! Your dress and rings will thank you leaving you less bloated feeling and you feeling more vibrant and full of energy!

3. EXFOLIATE! With dry skin comes dead skin! Use an exfoliant at least once a week and don’t skimp on the moisturizer at night! This combination is very important during winter months of dryness and cold temps. Use a DIY natural exfoliant or buy one that it chemical and fragrance free! You will have radiant softer skin in no time!

Spring Wedding Season Is Upon Us!

Posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 2:15 PM

It is that time of year! Wedding bells are about to start ringing all over the world. So let’s start talking about what you need to do for those of you who just got engaged. You have about 30 days from your new engagement to spend staring at your new lovely ring. Now you need to 1st find a wedding planner, psst Airbrush by Mason does that, 2nd find a hair and makeup stylist, psst Airbrush by Mason does that too, 3rd pick your date, Surprise! Airbrush by Mason will help you with that too.

See ladies Airbrush by Mason has become the one stop shop for your wedding and event needs. All you need to do is call and let them put your perfect day together with you and you don't have any of the stress, they take it all on for you. So don't delay make the call today.


Summer Weddings

Mason Hollandbeck: Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 9:56 AM

Hey Ladies and Gents,

Let’s talk about these July wedding dates. We all want to have a beautiful setting for our weddings and we want to look as beautiful as the day our mothers laid eyes on us at our birth. Yeah, that’s not going to be happening in 85 degree heat standing next to the mosquito infested lake setting you picked. Your friends and family are going to be melting like ice cream on pavement while you’re getting ready in the air conditioned bridal suite

Outside weddings during summer months if over 80 degrees generally are not very much fun. You almost have to plan to have the wedding at 11 in the morning or after the sun has set in order for it to cool off enough for your guest and yourself to enjoy it. Otherwise you will not see very many people dancing and you will not see very many people drinking that open bar you paid out the nose for.

Outside wedding needs to be concise and quick so no Catholic ceremonies outside PLEASE. Make it quick and light and get everyone back inside asap to keep cool. I would not even seat guests outside until about 5 minutes before the ceremony just to keep it moving and people comfortable

NO OUTSIDE RECEPTION! Only if you have portable fans and ac units to cool the area in which your reception is going to be. Otherwise you yourself and your spouse to be will just be riddled with heat exhaustion as if you would be already from the prep. of the day.

Last thing you want to hear about your reception or wedding is how uncomfortable your guests were. Trust me you will never hear the end of it.

Keep cool and plan your big day accordingly. :)

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Summer Weddings

Posted on June 4, 2018 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (237)

Summer is here!  We are so excited for all those summer weddings, but.....always a big but coming into it....We don't love to see our brides melting like snow cones in the heat.  That's now fun.  We we have a way to make this all work out for you so that you can enjoy the outdoors and not have anyone passing out on you.  

Lets do this, brides to be, lets have our ceremony outside.  Its quick and minimal time in the sun.  Then let have our reception be half in half out.  Keep the food insided and the dance floor.  Keep high-top tables outside and a wet bar outside for people as well as the venue open up to the outside.

Now I know you have to ask the question "What about all the bought air?  Its just going to go right out the door?"  Thats right it is thats why we don't plan for a early afternoon wedding but a late afternoon wedding.  Say around 3pm for your ceremony and reception to start at 4:30.  This way you are getting your amazing sunset pictures, depending on where you are in the world.  It can all be planned out to the second to capture the most amazing photos.  Good thing you hired us to make sure that happens!  :)  

All in all we all want to me one with nature but lets make sure that when you are planning this out you are going to be in a dress that is going to make you about 30% hotter than it is outside.  So lets keep you cool.  

Day of Coordination

Posted on January 8, 2018 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Day of Coordination!  Lets talk about this for a second.  During our years of operation we have had many Brides say they don't need a day of coordinator.  "The Venue has one"....LIES!  The venue as a coordintor for their stuff, not yours.  They don't care if you other vendors get paid or what time you are supposed to cut the cake,or how long you are going to have a DJ.  They are their for the VENUE ONLY!.  

A Day of Coordinator will make sure that everything is scheduled down to the second and if anything goes wrong out of that schedule you, as the Bride, will never know it was wrong.  They make sure your vendors are paid when they should be, that the cake is cut when it is suppose to be, keep relatives away from you when they get to typsy, pumps up the crowd and does line dances with them, and makes sure you and your new husband have your marriage lic, the rings, and the flower girl doesn't throw all the flower pendals in the toilet.  

They are the Best Friend your never going to have "WHY"?  Because you should never hire a best friend to have anything to do with your wedding.  That way if they screw up your still friends.  With a paid professional they don't have to worry about seeing you next week for coffee or a cousin Barbara's Birthday Party.  With a paid professional everything is under control and your specification are met without question.  :)